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Version 5 of GaeaSynergy with the WinLoG module has just been released. This new version has many new and enchanced features as well as new purchasing and subscription options. The upgrade is included in the annual maintenance and is free to users with a current annual maintenance agreement.

The WinLoG extension module of GaeaSynergy can be used to quickly and easily create, edit and print boring logs, borehole logs and well logs for a variety of industries. WinLoG is used by more than 3000 firms in more than 120 countries worldwide. Boring, borehole and well logs can contain optional headers and footers and a large variety of depth related column data.

Templates are used to control the layout and formatting of the log. In general, all of the logs for a project would use one or two templates to format the logs. In this way a consistent format can be established within a project and across projects. The module comes with more than 50 pre-designed templates depending upon the industry. In this latest version, the editing of templates has been significantly improved with features such as ruler bars, versioning, and drag and drop.

Each template consists of a header, footer, and several columns. Templates can be customized to display different header and footer titles, number and type of columns, and fonts. In addition, the size and location of the above can be easily changed using the mouse. A company logo or site map, stored as a bitmap can also be included in a template.

After the data for the boring and well data has been entered in this module it can be used to create cross-sections and contour maps in the other modules. In addition, the borings/wells can be displayed in 3D showing their lithologies and any deviated paths.

New Features

Some of the new features in version 5 include:

  • Licenses can be perpetual or subscription based.
  • Subscriptions can be annual or monthly and can be manually or automatically renewed.
  • Licenses can be purchased and registered in GaeaSynergy or the GaeaSynergy Network Monitor.
  • After purchase, licenses can be immediately added and used in GaeaSynergy.
  • Annual maintenance can be purchased and renewed as a subscription.
  • Industries no longer apply, this module now has the features of all the industries.
  • Projects can be archived and retrieved from archives. This allows for the easier selection of current projects.
  • Instead of specifying depths they can be picked on the borehole/well logs for lithology, text, text interval, USCS, and formation tops columns.
  • A USCS calculator can be used to determine the USCS classification in USCS and lithology columns in borehole/well logs.
  • Borehole data can be exported and imported to and from DIGGS (Data Interchange for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists) files.
  • New and improved exporting and importing of borehole data to gINT.
  • New and improved exporting and importing of borehole data to AGS.
  • Munsell colors can be specified for lithologies and samples. 
  • When creating a new borehole/well in a georeferenced project the elevation is automatically entered using Google elevations.
  • Continuous well logs can be exported to a PDF file as a continuous page.
  • Divider lines in lithologic columns of borehole/well logs can be extended to better show contact depths when descriptions are pushed down.

Pricing and Ordering

In version 5 licenses can be either perpetual or subscription. Subscriptions can be manually or automatically renewed. Below is a table showing the prices in USD.

Perpetual License  
Single User $1095
Network One User $1925
Additional License $825
Annual Maintenance Single $225
Annual Maintenance Network $385
Subscription License
Single User Annual $350
Single User Monthly $35
Network One User Annual $650
Network One User Monthly $65

Select the type of license below to purchase or for pricing in other currencies.

Perpetual License Subscription License


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