Data Types

The types of data that can be displayed in the boring and well logs consists of a variety of common data and data that is specific to the industry. The table below shows a comparison of the types of data that can be used in WinLoG version 5 for each industry as well as the previous version 4 of WinLoG. Data types that are bolded will show a picture of what they look like when the mouse is moved over them.


 Data Type WinLoG WinLoG Version 5
Version 4 and WinLoG RT
Depth x x
Elevation x x
Lithologic Description x x
Lithologic Symbol x x
Text x x
Interval Text x x
Column of Tables   x
Graph x x
Multiple Graphs x x
Bargraph x x
Geophysical x x
Calculated Column   x
Symbol Log x x
Well x x
Sample/Core Number x x
Sample/Core Type x x
Sample/Core Symbol x x
Sample/Core Lithologic Symbol x x
Sample/Core Other x x
Sample/Core Recovery x x
Sample N-Value x x
Deviation Survey x x
Graph Cross-plot x x
Bargraph Cross-plot x x
Geophysical Cross-plot x x
Core Log x x
Core Photo x x
Sample Lithology   x
Sample Consistency   x
Sample Color   x
Sample Porosity   x
Sample Odour   x
Sample Dry Weight   x
Sample Wet Weight   x
Drilling Data Symbols   x
USCS Classification   x
AASHTO Classification   x
Penetrometer/Torvane   x
% Passing 200 Sieve   x
% Aggregate/Gravel   x
% Coarse Sand   x
% Medium Sand   x
% Fine Sand   x
% Silt   x
% Clay   x
% Fines   x
Total Dissolved Solids   x
Moisture Content   x
Liquid Limit   x
Plastic Limit   x
Plasticity Index   x
Organic Vapour (OVA/PID)   x
VOC   x
LEL   x
Concentration   x
Dry Density   x
Unit Dry Weight   x
Shear Strength   x
UU Shear Strength   x
Failure Strain   x
Confining Pressure   x
CMT   x
RQD   x
Compressive Strength   x
Core Time   x
Core Size   x
Hydraulic Conductivity   x
Run   x
Drive   x
SCR   x
TCR   x
Flush Return   x
Fracture Spacing   x
Fracture Index   x
Munsell Code   x
Degree of Weathering   x
Rock Hardness   x
Point Load Strength   x
Discontinuity Dip Angle   x
Discontinuity Type   x
Discontinuity Spacing   x
% Total Sulphur   x
Fizz Rating   x
Neutralization Potential   x
Assay Results   x
Penetration Rate   x
Lost Circulation   x
Ore Type   x
Slough   x
Lost Core   x
Cored Intervals   x
Geophysical Log Bitmaps   x
Estimated Bitumen   x
Lab Bitumen   x
Oil Shows   x
Oil Staining   x
Oil and Gas Shows   x
Porosity Grade   x
Porosity Type   x
Drill Stem Tests   x
Grain Size   x
Structures   x
Framework   x
Constituents   x
Facies   x
Fossils   x
Members   x
Sorting   x
Cementation   x
Contacts   x
Rounding   x
Sorting   x
Formation Tops   x
Diagenesis   x
Percent Cuttings   x
Multiple Geophysical Logs   x
Direct Fluorescence   x
Cut Fluorescence   x
Spontaneous Potential   x
RFT Pressure Points   x
Dipmeter   x
Resistivity Shallow   x
Resistivity Medium   x
Resistivity Deep   x
Induction Resistivity   x
Gamma   x
Caliper   x
Sonic   x
Density   x
Conductivity   x
Neutron Porosity   x
Alteration   x
Perforations   x
H2O Injection   x
Airlift Q   x
Fractures   x


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