Geophysical Curve Abbreviations

Below is a list of some common abbreviations for geophysical curves.

Curve Definition
3DV 3-Dimensional Velocity
ACU Acoustic Log
AF Array Induction Four Foot
AFCO Array Induction Four Foot
AMF Array Induction Mud Resistivity
AO Array Induction One Foot
AT Array Induction Two Foot
ATCO90 Conductivity
AUD Noise Log, Audio, Experimental Noise Log
AVD Amplitude-Variable Density Log
BHI Borehole Imager, Ultrasonic BH Imager
BHV Velocity
BMK_DYN Bulk modulus
BS Bit size
BT Borehole televiewer
C44_TIV Elastic Constant C44
C66_TIV Elastic Constant C66
CAL Caliper
CALI Caliper
CALX Caliper
CBL Cement Bond, Cement Curve, Cement Quality, Cement Top, Sonic Cement Bond, Cement Map, Pipe Bond
CCL Casing Collar Locator
CGR GR from Thorium and Potassium
CHL Cased hole neutron
CMR Combinable magnetic resonance
CNC Neutron Porosity
CNL Compensated Neutron Log, Dual spaced neutron
CO Conductivity
COR Correlation Log
CORE Sidewall Core
CP Computer Process, Cyberlook, Complex lithology, Hydrocarbon Identification, Laserlog, Complot, Water Saturation
D Density, Spectral density, Slim hole density
DC Depth Correlation Log
DEVI Deviation
DIL Dual induction
DIR Deviation survey, Borehole directional survey, True vertical depth
DLL Dual laterlog
DM Dip Meter, Continuous dipmeter, High resolution dipmeter
DPH8 Density Porosity
DPHI Porosity from density
DPHZ Standard Resolution Density Porosity
DRHO Density Correction
DT Delta-t
DT_Comp Delta-t compressional
DTCO Delta-t compressional
DTS_Fast Delta-t FAST shear
DTS_Slow Delta-t SLOW shear
DTSM Delta-t shear
ECGR Gamma Ray
ECS Elemental Capture Spectroscopy
EL Electric Log
ELANPlus Volumes Constituent volumes
EMT Electromagnetic propagation
ENP Epithermal Neutron Porosity
EP Elastic Properties
EPL Engineered Production Logging
F Fracture, Fracture ID
FANG_PPC Friction angle
FDC Formation Density Log (D&Cal), Density, Porosity, Litho-Log
FMI Formation Micro-Imaging
FMS Formation microscanner
FT Formation Test, Repeat formation tester
GD Guard, MicroGuard
GND Gamma Ray-Neutron,Density
GR Gamma Ray
HCAL Caliper
HDRA Density Standoff Correction
HMIN Micro-Inverse Resistivity
HMNO Micro-Normal Resistivity
HTNP Thermal Neutron Porosity
ISHE Initial shear strength
KTH GR minus Uranium
M0R2 Shallow Induction
M0R6 Deep Induction
M2 2 Foot Matched Resolution Resistivity
MP Mechanical properties, MECPRO
MUD Mud Log, sample log
N Neutron
NGT Gamma Ray-Spectroscopy, Natural gamma ray spectrometry
NL Not Logged
NPH Neutron Porosity
NPOR Neutron Porosity
P Porosity
PE Photoelectric, Photo density, Lithology, LithoDensity
PEF Photoelectric Effect
PEF8 Photoelectric Effect
PEFZ Photoelectric Effect
PF Perforating Depth Control, Perforating
PORZC Z-Density Porosity
PR_Fast Poisson's Ration from fast dipole
PR_Horiz Horizontal Poisson's ratio
PR_Iso Poisson's Ratio from isotropic model
PR_Slow Poisson's Ration from slow dipole
PR_Vert Vertical Poisson's ratio
PRL Propagated Resistivity Log
RES Resistivity, Microresistivity
RHOB Neutron Density
ROP Rate of Penetration
RP Rate of Penetration, Drill Time, Drill Rate
SD Sample Description/Formation Description
SFA_Fast Fast shear sonic frequency analysis projection
SFA_Slow Slow shear sonic frequency analysis projection
SFL Spherically Focused Log, MicroSFL
SGR Spectroscopy GR
SMG_DYN Shear bulk modulus
SNP Sidewall Neutron Porosity
SON Sonic, Sonic porosity, Borehole compensated sonic, waveforms, corrected amplitude
SP Spontaneous Potential
SPH Sonic Porosity
SPHI Sonic Porosity
SPR_Fast Fast shear sonic coherence projection
SPR_Slow Slow shear sonic coherence projection
SPS Spinner survey
SS Seismic Spectrum
SYN Synthetic seismogram
TBIT Array Induction
TCMR Magnetic Resonance Porosity
TDT Thermal Neutron, Decay Time
TEMP Temperature, Differential temperature, Calibrated temperature, Delta Temperature
TEN Cable Tension
TENS Cable Tension
TLC Drill Pipe Conveyed
TNPH Thermal Neutron Porosity
TR Tracer, Isotope tracer
TT Travel time
TVD True vertical depth
TXSG Minimum horizontal stress gradient
TXSG_TIV TIV minimum horizontal stress gradient
UCS_CDE Uniaxial compressive strength
USGD Ultra Sonic Gas Detector, Gas Dectector, Continuous Total Gas
VPVS_Fast Compressional/Shear Ration from the fast dipole
VPVS_Slow Compressional/Shear Ration from the slow dipole
VSP Vertical seismic profile
WBS Well Bore Sibilation
WSM Well seismic monitor
YME_Horiz Horizontal Young's modulus
YME_Iso Young's modulus from isotropic model
YME_Vert Vertical Young's modulus
Z-CORR Z Correction
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